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Early Career Development: The WKL Academy Approach

At WKL Academy, we're committed to initiating workforce development early, setting students on the path to become future-ready professionals. We collaborate closely with schools, organizations, businesses, and government agencies to deliver customized coding, STEM, and career readiness programs tailored to the unique needs of their community. Our curriculum spans software development, career technical education, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence, equipping students with the skills and certifications needed to thrive in high-demand industries.

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Enhance your curriculum with our credit recovery options and in-school workshops on coding, STEM, and career readiness, tailored to keep students engaged and on track for their futures


Our career readiness and certificate programs in areas like software development offer robust training for the next generation, complemented by comprehensive Career Technical Education

Businesses & Internship Programs

In addition to designing buildings, many architecture design companies offer project management services to oversee the implementation of their designs. This involves coordinating with contractors, builders, and other stakeholders to ensure that the project is executed according to the approved plans.

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